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Pestigon is a veterinary exclusive, fipronil spot-on which quickly kills fleas and ticks found on cats and dogs.
With indications also for use with Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Pestigon offers a great solution to cats and dogs suffering from flea irritations.
Pestigon has easy to use and colour co-ordinated pipettes available in packs of 3 and 6, and larger packs of 24 to allow for single pipette dispensing.
Pestigon is recommended for use with PermaGuard Household Spray to ensure a completely flea free pet and environment.

Weight RRP Price
Pestigon Cat (3 pipettes)NBPES01 1 g 15.79
Pestigon Cat (6 pipettes)NBPES02 1 g 26.26
Pestigon Lge Dog 20-40kg (3 pipettes)NBPES10 1 g 24.18
Pestigon Lge Dog 20-40kg (6 pipettes)NBPES11 1 g 39.12
Pestigon Med Dog 10-20kg (3 Pipettes)NBPES07 1 g 22.17
Pestigon Med Dog 10-20kg (6 pipettes)NBPES08 1 g 35.54
Pestigon Sml Dog 2-10kg (3 pipettes)NBPES04 1 g 20.31
Pestigon Sml Dog 2-10kg (6 pipettes)NBPES05 1 g 32.96
Pestigon XL Dog 40-60kg (3 pipettes)NBPES13 1 g 28.80
Pestigon XL Dog 40-60kg (6 pipettes)NBPES14 1 g 45.82

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